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  • Doing business with the Norwegian food industry

    Norway possesses one of the highest GDP per-capita in the world and also ranking high in respect of countries to live in. At the same time cost of living is one of the highest.

    Norway has only 4,5 million people. It is one of the few European countries not attending the
    European Union. It has some natural resources as petroleum and fish. Agriculture production
    is small. Food industry in Norway consist of many units. To protect the Norwegian production
    there is a high import duty on most food-products. All imported products have to be custom-cleared
    and import-taxis are complicated. Therefore many customers are used to buy in Norwegian
    currency and custom-cleared.

    Alimenta AS works in all food sectors

    • Meat
    • Seafood
    • Dairy
    • Bakery
    • Fruit-processing
    • Convenience food
    • Ready meals
    • Confectionary / Ice cream
    • Organic
    • Health Supplements