Ingredienser du vil lykkes med!
  • Blending and packing powder components

    We can supply

    • Blends based on customer recipes
    • Packaging size adapted to our customers’ production requirements
    • Barcode marking

    We can offer the following

    • Fast, customised deliveries
    • Low raw material prices and raw material solutions
    • Recipe development – optimization
    • ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 approval from Det norske Veritas

    For our customers, this represents savings in the form of

    • Reduced risk of errors in weighing, handling and blending
    • Simplified logistics with less transportation, handling and stock holding
    • Simplified administration with less supplies, purchase orders, suppliers, etc.
    • Lean management – flexibility – quick adaptation – no downtime in the customer’s production

    Examples of blends

    Starches – Salt – Phosphates – Flour – Spices - Milk products – Preservatives – Emulsifiers

    Complete blends